My Songs

Patrick & his Rosewood Guild

I’ve played guitar since I was 11. Songs visit. I try to be an attentive host.

Rowland Sally on songwriting: “There are so many kinds of songs. Kitchen songs. Field songs. Party songs. Truthful songs. Story songs. Love songs. Burnt your own house down songs. Car songs. Murder songs. Gospel songs. Pitiful songs. Real songs. Real Magic Songs… After you’re moved to the point of needing to get the song written and have come to some sort of terms with it….i think you need a combination of luck…grace…and hard work in varying relative amounts to make sure this gift is as well realized as it can be. Sometimes it almost writes itself like greased lightning…other times it flows like molasses uphill in a plowed field in january (northern hemisphere). I’m stumbling around here but what I mean to say is something like…in order to make something you have to be something.”

Nowhere Next To Anywhere

Dream Girl

That’s why They Call It Falling

Your Beautiful Face


Killing The Blues by Rowland Sally

Your Little House

Lay Down Your Dreams

I Can’t Help Myself

Caw The Yowes To The Knowes

Magic Words

All The Good Ones Are Taken


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