She told me she put

the stillborn baby

in the freezer

in plastic wrap

right next to

the aluminum

ice cube trays

& then she almost shrugged

like Oh Well

Where else was I gonna put it?

& this old woman

this mother of 8

whom I had known

for 25 years

became a stranger

just like that

like someone

taking off

their favorite mask

& I thought

If I don’t know her

who do I know?


5 Responses

  1. wow, a queer poem , original indeed , I m still struggling to grasp the event therein.thanks for sharing this poem and let me reflect on it please.

  2. Nice poem. Well, maybe nice is not the right word… Anyway, I like it.

  3. The last line is like a sudden shift to zero gravity

  4. Thanks, Cat.

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