Never say: “Surrender, for I am encroaching on your domain.”
Encroach first. Brag second.

Your domain is most encroachable when you are least vigilant.

Only a fool says: “Encroach me if you dare, for my domain is impervious.”

Once encroached, your domain remains vulnerable.

No domain is above encroachment.

Entropy encroaches all domains.

Tyranny’s domain is mighty, but encroachment needs only a crack.

“Dormant though my domain may be, it is not susceptible to encroachment.” So fall the mighty.

All domains fall; all barriers are encroached.

Do not say, “My domain has withstood the encroachment of time.”
Time has a long memory.

The weakest joint of your domain—there encroachment will press first.

Time is the chief weapon of encroachment. Its patience outlasts even the most entrenched domain.

The safest domain is the one with no boundaries to encroach. But then it is no domain.

Domain is illusion. Encroachment is all.


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  1. “Personality is the original private property”
    – Norman O. Brown

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