The Wisdom of George W. Bush–The Q & A Memoir

“Q: Mr. President, many of your supporters believe that homosexuality is immoral. They believe that it’s been given too much acceptance in policy terms and culturally. As someone who’s spoken out in strongly moral terms, what’s your view on homosexuality?”

A: “I am mindful that we are all sinners. I caution those who may try to take the speck out of a neighbor’s eye when they got a log in their own.”**

And just because their speck is way bigger than our log doesn’t give us the right to lord it over them. God forgives everyone no matter how deprived or disgusting their behaviors. And god knows we have all sinned.We are all sinners. Which is why Christ had to be crucified on the cross. For sin. For sinful behaviors. When I was AOL from the National Guard I gotta a good long Major League look at a sinner’s lifestyle. I’m not proud of it. And I’monna tellya –after 3 days of partying nonstop in Tijuana you get a little down on yourself. So I’m not saying I’m better than anyone. I been round the block. And I found just how precious–the precious traditional family whatever is. And it’s something I tried to passover to my own daughters. Not exactly total success there–though I do think their mom got off a little scott free on the whole parental blame thing. But I’m saying: we’re all sinners. No one is exempt. No one can claim an exemption from temptation. We have all yielded. Who among us has not passed through a yield sign when we knew we should have stopped? Made a full stop. Not a half-hearted coasting sort of stop. So no, regarding homosexuals… They are a marginal lifestyle which I do not embrace. But neither do I condemn. So long as they don’t, you know, propagate what they preach–Yield–I believe abstinence is a healthy disease-free option. Not that I practice it. I’m happy to say we are still full-bore active in that regard. Of course within the context of a sacred, you know, man wife union type thing. What was the question?

** Actual question and answer


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